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As a prominent player, we stand among the largest distributors of pipe, valve, and fitting solutions, catering to the energy and industrial sectors. The endeavors of our clients, whether in greenfield or brownfield domains, involve substantial capital investment, often taking place within rigorous operational contexts. These industries and environments demand a supplier who comprehends the paramount significance of safety, quality, and dependable service provision.

Our focus within the upstream market centers on delivering essential products for the exploration, completion, and production phases of oil, gas, and natural gas liquids. During well drilling and completion, we furnish Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) and accompanying products to operators. Post-well completion, we extend PVF and other oilfield essentials to production teams, ensuring the secure transfer of resources into gathering systems and pipelines for subsequent processing.

By furnishing pipes, valves, fittings, and additional oilfield necessities to production units, we facilitate the secure transportation of oil or gas into gathering systems and pipelines for processing. Moreover, we augment our offerings with value-added services such as project trailers, well hook-up material kits, integrated supply solutions, and valve actuation. These comprehensive services not only streamline the supply chain but also enhance customer productivity by curbing costs.


In answer to the escalating call for clean energy solutions, significant investments have been channeled into the advancement and expansion of power plants. In the midst of this dynamic scenario, Tubo has emerged as a pivotal entity, catering to a diverse range of clients encompassing enterprises involved in various realms of power generation. This encompasses coal and gas-fired power plants, sustainable energy initiatives, as well as hydropower undertakings.

Our client base within the domain of power generation spans a broad array of segments. This encompasses combined cycle, gas-fired, and coal-fired installations, as well as nuclear, solar thermal, biomass, pump storage hydro, and wind energy projects. Our extensive array of products and comprehensive service offering have been meticulously tailored to harmonize with the distinct requisites of the Power industry. This seamless alignment reinforces Tubo’s position as a dependable collaborator, equipped to furnish comprehensive solutions that bolster our clients’ endeavors within the perpetually evolving sphere of energy production.


Tubo is deeply committed to fortifying this burgeoning sector, dedicating significant resources to drive its progression. The sphere of midstream operations, encompassing activities such as gathering, transmission pipelines, and natural gas utilities, derives substantial advantage from the comprehensive coverage facilitated by our strategically positioned branch outlets, distribution hubs, and specialized project teams strategically situated across the global landscape. Our extensive spectrum of pipeline products, encompassing pipes, ball valves, check valves, and actuators, is ensconced within an expansive inventory. This strategic advantage empowers us to promptly cater to the ever-evolving demands of our clientele. Moreover, our service locations extend their support to gas production facilities, compressor plants, and storage terminals, further amplifying our reach and influence.

In our unwavering commitment to offer unwavering assistance to this burgeoning sector, we have significantly expanded our network of service points across pivotal regions. This calculated expansion ensures that our clients within this dynamic environment enjoy seamless access to our comprehensive array of products and services, precisely at the moment and place of their requirement.

Construction / Marine

Our selection of pipe and tube materials assumes a pivotal role within a wide spectrum of steel constructions, being put to use across an array of applications that encompass structures like buildings, bridges, sports arenas, transportation hubs, ships, and even furniture. The inherent versatility of tubes positions them as integral components within a diverse range of structural undertakings. Of particular note is their ability to seamlessly merge functionality with aesthetics, rendering tubes a favored choice for projects that demand both accessibility to the public eye and visual significance. Our extensive portfolio of offerings, coupled with a suite of services, has been thoughtfully curated to harmonize with the specific requisites of clientele within the ever-evolving domain of steel construction markets.

The functionality of our pipe and tube materials extends across a multitude of sectors situated within the expanse of steel constructions. From laying the groundwork for architectural marvels to engineering the intricate framework of bridges, from imparting grandeur to sports arenas to ensuring the efficiency of transportation hubs, our materials significantly contribute to a diverse array of ventures. The maritime domain, as well as the creation of refined furniture pieces, equally draw upon the reliability and adaptability that tubes bring. In our role as a responsive participant within the steel construction markets, our offerings are meticulously tailored to cater to the distinct demands and preferences of our esteemed clientele.