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Fasteners and Gaskets

Fasteners and Gaskets

Tubo stands as a prominent supplier and distributor of an extensive range of Fasteners and Gaskets, meticulously catering to the diverse demands of various industries. These encompass Fasteners and Gaskets constructed from Carbon and Alloy Steel, GI, Stainless Steel, Super Alloy & Duplex Steel, as well as Non-Ferrous materials, offered in a plethora of sizes, materials, and grades. Moreover, our repertoire extends to include bespoke bolts and screws engineered to meet the stringent requirements of critical applications within challenging environments.

Within our Gaskets distribution portfolio, we encompass a comprehensive array, including Ring Joint gaskets, Spiral Wound gaskets, Kamm profile gaskets, Precision-engineered gaskets, Soft Cut gaskets, Flange Insulation kits, and Jacketed gaskets. 

Our Products

Our collection of Fasteners and Gaskets boasts exceptional strength attributes, bolstered by a protective coating of abrasion-resistant materials. Our inventory spans across an array of Gasket types, bolts, nuts, screws, and washers, ready to cater to an array of industrial needs.