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Hot Induction Bends

Hot Induction Bends

Tubo continuously invests in research & development as well as machinery and calls state of the art PLC controlled induction bending machines their own.

These machines are capable of producing bends with diameter ranges from 4” (114mm) up to 36” (914mm) of various thicknesses. Our Induction bending machines guarantee high productivity, with excellent dimensional tolerances, whilst ensuring a high degree of repeatability.

Machines can produce bends to meet all international codes, standards and specifications including ISO 15590-1, ASME B16.49 and DNV OS F101. We have employed the most up to date technology to satisfy all current quality requirements which include the special feature of data recording of all relevant parameters.

Economics Advantages

In steel pipeline systems, where monitoring on a regular basis is required, weld joints are very cost intensive. Induction bends on the other hand provide an opportunity to reduce girth welds to an absolute minimum. Every removed weld offers the following product benefit

Design Advantages

In addition to an increased saving potential, we offer design advantages by eliminating the necessity of welding elbows in confined, difficult to access spaces. Due to the fact that lengths of up to 12mtrs can be produced with multi-bends or as individual bends, the saving of welds opens up new development perspectives. With the bending capabilities of our machines a controlled execution of all bends made possible.

Capacity & Limitation

Hot Induction Bending Machine DUU 900s DUU 400s
Size of Pipe
12' to 36'
4" to 18"
Bending Radius
Min. 2D Max 4600mm
Min. 2D. Max. 2300mm
Thickness (mm)
Maximum 60mm
Maximum 60mm
Bending Angle
Both machines are capable of bending angles up to 180 degrees